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    Office Automation Consulting isn't just a Website or a catalog. It's people! It's those people, and their depth of skill, knowledge and experience that you're buying when you utilize our services. We are not a multinational firm with standing orders for "bodies" at the recruiting firms. We're a tightly knit group of professionals that work together to compliment their skill sets. Nobody is good at everything. The best programmers are generally not, how should we put this...the best "Salesman" and the best Sales person isn't the best choice for planning your Wide-Area Network.

    We have no plans of sending any of our projects "Off Shore" although, we can also help you manage that process, if it's something your company is considering.

    With a collection of talent with years of experience in many aspects of IT, business, Telecommunications, Software development and yes, sales, Office Automation Consulting can bring the resources together that will provide you with the solution you need.



SOPHOS Anti-Virus products are now available through OAC. As one of SOPHOS's few chosen partners in the Mid-Atlantic and Southwestern regions, Office Automation Consulting can provide sales, installation, and most importantly, support on the entire SOPHOS product line. In addition to the desktop Anti-Virus product, there is also..

Server Anti-virus

Enterprise Manager

Mailmonitor for Exchange/Notes

Contact the Sales department for more information or to schedule a demonstration and receive a quote on how SOPHOS can help secure your network and save you money.


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