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Our Network Services division can provide any small to mid-sized firm with all of the benfits of a full-time IT Department, without the overhead and personnel requirements. It allows you to take advantage of IT Professionals that a small to mid-sized firm would have a difficult time attracting, and a harder time affording. Our Service offerings are custom tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each client and are priced competitivly so that you can really maintain your network and systems in a professional and efficient manner.

Besides the benefit of having our professional staff manage your network, you also get the predictabilty of a known monthly expense, the peace of mind of knowing your servers and workstations are "Patched", the Anti-Virus is up to date and if the "Software Police" come knocking on your door, you're in compliance. When the next virus outbreak comes along, you'll know it's been handled.

A sampling of our Network Service Offerings...

  • End User and "Second Level" Application Support
  • Software License Compliance
  • Server monitoring
  • User and Network Resource management
  • Backup System Monitoring and media storage
  • Wide Area Network Router and Circuit monitoring
  • VPN configuration Managment
  • Mail and Web Server monitoring and management
  • Work Station setup and configuration
  • Anti-Virus management
  • Update and "Patch" Management

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SOPHOS Anti-Virus products are now available through OAC. As one of SOPHOS's few chosen partners in the Mid-Atlantic and Southwestern regions, Office Automation Consulting can provide sales, installation, and most importantly, support on the entire SOPHOS product line. In addition to the desktop Anti-Virus product, there is also..

Server Anti-virus

Enterprise Manager

Mailmonitor for Exchange/Notes

Contact the Sales department for more information or to schedule a demonstration and receive a quote on how SOPHOS can help secure your network and save you money.


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