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PlanBuilder 2.0
A Supply Chain Solution..

General Description:

PlanBuilder was developed out of the needs of a major equipment manufacturer that was adopting a "Replenishment Pool" inventory model to serve the needs of their retail partners. In the evaluation of their needs, a system was designed to serve almost any type of industry that works in Replenishment Model of Supply Chain.

PlanBuilder is a multi part system. The PlanBuilder client is a Windows application that is installed on a Field Sales Representatives Laptop computer. The database on the client synchronizes it's local database with the PlanBuilder Server that we will discuss shortly. The synchronization is a quick "One Click" automated process the the field rep would initialize whenever they are connected to the Internet or the companies Intranet. It utilizes standard FTP protocols or a dedicated TCP/IP protocol if security is a concern. The downloaded data from the server includes:

  1. Multi year Sales History for each retail partner in the Field Rep's territory
  2. Revolving 12 month Sales History
  3. Two year previous and current Year to Data Sales Data and overall Industry data, if it's available
  4. Current revolving 12 month "Business Plan" and "Inventory Plan" for each Partner
  5. Base Products available for planning with availability dates and the ability to "Build" SKU's from a database driven "Accessory List"

The workflow would be a Field rep would download to his or her laptop, the current updates from the PlanBuilder Server. They would then work with the retail partner reviewing the product line, sales history, industry trends and objectives to develop an overall "Business Plan". This is a rolling 12 month sales plan for the entire product line. This "commitment" is then transferred to the "Detail Inventory" Plan. This is where the retail partner forecasts their desired monthly inventory levels for each SKU, including it's associated accessories or options. The agreed plan is printed for the retail partner and the data is saved. The next time the field representative is connected to the Internet or Intranet, the Agreed to Plan is transmitted to the PlanBuilder Server.

On the Server side, The system constantly monitors for incoming Plan data. That data can be sent via standard e-mail as attachments or using dedicated TCP/IP Ports. When data is received the Retail Partners Business and Detail Inventory Plans are updated. On a scheduled basis, the Server generates a flexible variety of reports, including the "Replenishment Report". This data, which can be in electronic form as well as a report, is used to "trigger" replenishments to a Retail Partner. By monitoring a partners current inventory level and comparing it with the "Planned Inventory Level" for the SKU, units can be shipped to maintain the desired stocking level.

Additionally, The data contained in the PlanBuilder Server can be used for production forecasting, Inventory management of the Replenishment Pool. "Roll ups" are provided for Field managers as well as any other level of organization you choose. From Zip code, to State to East/West to National, all the way to Global, PlanBuilder will accommodate it. It will show a manager how a territory is performing, the level of participation in the Replenishment Planning process. Inventory Budgeting is also supported. A "Production Budget" for a territory can be set which will give a manager an overview of how accurately Production Forecasting is predicting future demand.


  1. Solid, robust Windows client application that will run on any version of Windows(2003 server is being tested presently)
  2. Fully documented with Windows Help files for all screens and form fields.
  3. All incoming data is time and user stamped for tracking purposes.
  4. "Data Flexible". Basic configurations can be changed through database updates and don't require program changes.
  5. Completely customizable system for "Special" cases.
  6. A Modular system that won't cost 10 times the purchase price to "implement" like some Supply Chain "Solutions"
  7. Extensive, flexible reporting from the Server. Reports can be scheduled and published to a web site for easy, timely access by field personnel.
  8. SQL Server back end
  9. Back end Hosting Services available.
  10. Automatic Client updating. When a client does it's normal data download, if there are updates to the client application, they will be automatically downloaded and installed.
  11. Additional Forecasting modules are always under development and available.
  12. Can be installed and running in very short order. It won't take a year to implement.
  13. Remarkably affordable with a simple licensing program.



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